Lionways is a small, quality studio for meticulously designed and executed websites.

We offer a comprehensive solution for websites, from the initial characterization stage, through design and development, to online hosting, maintenance and organic search engine optimization. The websites we design and build are characterized by the utmost degree of careful attention to detail, both at the design level as well as “under the hood”, and have won dozens of awards, accolades and international references.

Our work has been featured in the well-known design magazine Smashing Magazine as part of an article about website design in Israel. The article showcases five of our sites and includes an extensive interview with us. In addition, Lionways was also featured in the tenth edition of the important web design book “Web Design Index” (p. 145).

Lionways is not just another web design company. We are not a production line. We build a relatively small number of sites, but invest in every site down to the smallest detail. We choose our projects and customers carefully, and are aware that the work on the site, as well as the relationship that develops with the client, do not end on the day that the site is launched. Our sites continue to live and develop along with the development of our clients' business or organization. We are ready to provide you with the most professional response to your changing needs.

Who are we?

Arie Zonshine

Arie has been designing and developing websites since 2004, and worked as a software programmer for twenty years previously. He specializes in the "frontend" aspect, including design and construction, and never misses a pixel.

Aside from these things, Arie also plays the piano, bakes sourdough bread, is crazy about cats, anxious about global warming, and wastes too much of his time on Facebook.

Mobile: +972-52-2825089

Dana Ronen

Dana has been building websites since 2008. Prior to that, she divided her time between software development, drawing and illustration. She specializes in the "backend" and building in the Drupal management system.

Aside from drawing, Dana likes to read, she is a keen observer of sports for some unknown reason, and cultivates many obsessions on a variety of unimportant subjects.

Mobile: +972-50-8631086

What are the principles that guide the way we work?

  • We regard our work as a creative process. We characterize and design a site with complex requirements, turning it into a site that is on the one hand beautiful, fast, convenient and easy to use for the visitor, and on the other hand, convenient for management and maintenance for the client. For us, the website is a work of art.
  • We do not recycle websites, neither ours nor other people’s sites.
  • We do not use ready-made design templates. We regard the personal touch as a critical component in building a website of the highest standard.
  • Our sites comply strictly with international World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards and regulations.
  • Our sites look and work very well in all browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.
  • We specialize in building responsive websites, that adapt themselves to all types of screens - ordinary computer screens, tablets and smartphones. Read more about our approach to responsive sites.
  • We specialize in building sites in Drupal, which is an excellent content management system, adapting it precisely to the needs of our customers. Read more about our approach to content management systems.
  • Our sites achieve excellent results in search engine optimization because they are built correctly. Read more about our approach to search engine optimization.
  • We provide comprehensive solutions for the entire life of the site. From your initial idea, through the construction of the concept, design, construction, to storage and maintenance.

Visit the page "What We Do" to read more about our work methods.

Lionways is not for everyone.
If you appreciate uncompromising quality - we will be happy to talk.