Content Management with Drupal

Over the past decade, the world of Internet websites has moved to the use of content management systems (CMS), that enable the client to update their web content on a regular basis without the need for technical knowledge. There are quite a few content management systems on the market. The most popular is WordPress but the best quality system is Drupal.

Drupal is a content management system used by more than a million companies, organizations, institutions and individuals to build sites rich in various kinds of content. Drupal is considered by many – including us - to be the best and richest content management system. It is open source, free to use, offers a vast library of tools, is developed and maintained by thousands of developers, and serves as a living, vibrant and constantly expanding community of site builders from all over the world.

Why Drupal?

Drupal logo

What does it mean exactly, a website based on a content management system? If it has been developed, what in fact remains to be done, and what are we asking payment for?

We have encountered quite a few sites, those built with Drupal, WordPress, or any other CMS, in which customers are forced to struggle with the website whenever they need to upload new content, either due to lack of forethought by the site builders, or lack of professionalism.

Our customers hardly need us for the ongoing maintenance of their site, because we work to ensure that the maintenance and updating of their site is as easy and intuitive as possible. We devote a lot of work and thought to this.

Essentially, the work we do involves adapting the standard system and turning it into a system designed specifically for your website. Together with you, we define the structure of the site and the types of content you wish to present and manage. Then we define, field by field, all the characteristics and data of each content type and the process and order of the work on the site.

All these tasks may be executed in many ways, but in the end, the quality of how the management system is built may be measured by the client’s convenience of use. This is true for relatively simple sites - and even more so for complex ones.

And here (finally) we come to the answer to the question: why use Drupal.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with an exceptional content management system in terms of convenience and ease of use, and Drupal allows us to do this best.

Drupal allows us to build the most comprehensive, flexible and customized system. You'll have a lot of fun working on your website!

Websites built with Drupal

Drupal serves a variety of small and large companies and organizations, and among others, is in use for all US government and State websites , and for leading universities such as Harvard and Cambridge. A few more sites that we like recently built with Drupal: the Swiss watch company Tag Heuer, Citroën Origins, and Tesla, the electric car company.