Web Design

How many times have you gone to a site and had a feeling of déjà vu? If it happened to you, you're not mistaken and it's not just a feeling. The world of web sites, especially the kind that are built on platforms that allow the creation of websites at minimal costs, is full of sites that are remarkably similar.

For us, web design is an art, not a production line. We do not recycle our own works nor those of others, and do not use ready-made design templates. Every website we design will aspire to be one of a kind. Therefore, our design process begins with a blank page, and with consideration for the client’s world, his or her unique needs, and the site's target audience.


Since we build sites and not only design them, we emphasize an inviting and convenient user experience already at the design stage - taking into account considerations such as organic optimization of the site, performance, compliance to standards, compliance with the accessibility law, and more.

To date, we have won more than thirty international awards and accolades for the sites we designed. You can see them on our previous site, which we are keeping on the side as a souvenir :)

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We were featured in the prestigious design magazine Smashing Magazine, as part of an article about website design in Israel. The article shows five of our sites and includes an extensive interview with us. Read Article »

We were also featured in the tenth edition of the prestigious book Web Design Index. The book showcases approximately 1,000 notable sites in various fields. Lionways appears in the book in the design category (p. 145).

Lionways in Web Design Index book


Do you want a site with unique design which is an exact fit for your needs? You need a Lionways website.